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Rehearsal Coaching

Is your band in a rut?

Keyboard player hogs the middle?

Acoustic player beats the guitar at one volume?

Bass player is bored?

Drummer doesn't signal the sections?

Electric player noodles?

Singers all sing melody all the time?

And everybody overplays?

Well, maybe it's not that bad. You may not know how to fix what's ailing your band, or you may know, but you're in that spot where you're so used to a certain player's bad habits that you feel weird addressing it. We've all been there. Email or call (717) 468-6428 and we'll set up a date to come help you at your rehearsal!

Whether it's your worship band, garage band, or touring band, you can have Ad Lib Music come to a rehearsal and get you unstuck! We'll be gentle.